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Coinciding with the flooring sector, RightCast can design and supply a wide range of precast concrete stairs. The use of precast stair flights and landings in the construction industry can produce significant savings in both costs and time by reducing onsite labour as well as speeding up site erection.

Ground Beams

RightCast's precast ground beams can drastically improve a construction programme by reducing the impact of poor ground conditions and provide a suspended foundation for the structure. Due to pre-fabrication and speed of installation, precast ground beams allow for efficient programming and superstructure construction.

Terrace Units

Our precast concrete terrace provide a complete structural platform for both fixed seating and standing areas. A number of different profiles and spans of upto 9 metres are available for use in sports, concert and many other venues. Prefabricated terraces provide a fast and immediate platform that can massively assist future construction.

Bespoke Precast

Wall Panels


Car Park Tricon